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VW ID.3: ALCANTARA Center Console, Middle Console Cover

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• FIT YOUR VW ID.3: This Alcantara center console cover is designed for VW ID.3 all years. All colors, shapes and sizes are matched to the vehicle and the wrap fits like a glove to the console. It not only protects your ID.3 center console from new scratches and blemishes, but also hides dust and fingerprints. It will keep your console in good condition.

• Quick and easy installation. Compare to leather and vinyl material, ABS plastic is much easier to be installed. It is hard material. It will not curl and leave any air bubble. Just need to peel off the adhesive and paste it on the right position.

• Easy to remove. It will not leave traces when you remove the ID.3 Center Console Cover.

• Essential VW ID.3 Accessories. It is Matte and anti-glare anti-fingerprint that will make your car look more upscale.

• We offer 1 year warranty. If there are quality problems within one year, please contact us by e-mail we will provide the best after-sales warranty for you.

We have also the same product for the interior door handle panels, they will be a perfect match to upgrade your ID.3 or ID.4 interior.

Disclaimer: EVlution B.V. (owner of Torque Alliance and PLUGEAR) in the Netherlands is the SOLELY party who has developed this product(read our story HERE). Similar product sold under other trademark or platform are not original and the quality is not guaranteed. We’d appreciate your support for our effort and intellectual property so we can continue bringing more EV gadgets to Europe.