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VW ID 3: Sunshade, Sun Screen, Sun Shield Set (10 pcs)

This set of Sunshade is custom fit for your beloved V W ID.3, it keep the window glasses covered from harmful UV rays which ruining your interior.

Its dual-purpose design helps keep your V W ID.3 cool in the summer, and in the winter, also helps warm up interiors and avert frost build-up.

Included in the package:

- 1x organizer bag
- 1x for front windscreen
- 2x pieces for front L+R quarter glasses
- 2x pieces for front L+R door glasses
- 2x pieces for rear L+R door glasses
- 2x pieces for L+R rear quarter glasses
- 1x for rear windscreen
- handy suction caps to fix the sunshade easily on glasses

Disclaimer: EVlution B.V. (owner of Torque Alliance and PLUGEAR) in the Netherlands is the SOLELY party who has developed this product(read our story HERE). Similar product sold under other trademark or platform are not original and the quality is not guaranteed. We’d appreciate your support for our effort and intellectual property so we can continue bringing more EV gadgets to Europe.

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