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Model 3: Multi-layer 3D Rubber All-weather Floor Mats - Right Hand Drive

Compatibility to built year of vehicle: All years. 

Note: This is RHD mats, suitable for UK models. 

Protect your Model 3 interior with these premium quality mats from dirt and damage. These floor mats are engineered with the help of 3D laser scan for the perfect match.

Premium quality made from multi-layer TPR rubber, compared to other rubber mats, this product has the following unique characteristics:

  • Light-weighted, less than half of the weight compared to Rubber mats;
  • Stiffer structure, less elasticity, cannot be folded;
  • Better fixed on top of the existing floor carpet thanks to the loop-and-hook texture on the backside

Unlike the TPE mats, these mats are not recyclable. The mats fit the interior perfectly thanks to 3D laser scan.

Download the installation guide HERE.

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