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Renault Zoe: Metal Performance Pedal Set, Sportive pedal set

Your ZOE pedals are probably the most often used components of your car. Smooth braking and sliding gear are most vital in driving. Now, with our easy-to-install Stainless Steel pedals, you can give them the treatment they deserve.

Accurately machined for scratch resistance, these pedals ensure that your car will look fresh and good for years. The ridges of the pedals are made of industrial-grade friction rubber to prevent your foot from slipping.

Give your pedals the makeover they deserve. After all, they are at the foot of every great driving experience.

The installation can be done in 1 minute, remove the old pedal rubber covers and place the new ones, no extra tools required.

Material: Premium Rubber and Aluminum Alloy
Set of 2 pedals

Disclaimer: EVlution B.V. (owner of Torque Alliance and PLUGEAR) in the Netherlands is the SOLELY party who has developed this product(read our story HERE). Similar product sold under other trademark or platform are not original and the quality is not guaranteed. We’d appreciate your support for our effort and intellectual property so we can continue bringing more EV gadgets to Europe.

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