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Model 3&Y: LCD Dashboard Display_HUD

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Compatibility to built year of vehicle: all years. 

Custom design: fits for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y from Dashboard both LHD and RHD versions.

Safety Driving Assist: Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Display avoids the danger of drivers looking down on the dashboard. It ensures driver safety due to viewing the data on the forward instrument display and helps drivers to maintain the best state on the go. A variety of control interface modes and colors can be switched freely, It will be more fun and Technological feeling to you.

Multiple function: display can automatically adjust the brightness and sync with the middle touch screen. RPM mileage, mileage counter, KM/H and MPH, PSI and KPA, clear fault code, direction of travel/compass, voltage, KM/H, MPH, low voltage alarm, language and time zone switch etc. Many functions as shown in the pictures.

Non-destructive installation: no need to drill and will not damage the interior of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.