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Model 3: HEPA H-14 Cabin Air Filter Replacement Set (2 pcs)

Compatibility to built year of vehicle: all years.

The Model 3 doesn't come with Biohazard Mode as an option. You deserve to have high quality filtered air that is similar to what Model S/X owners get.

Our new HEPA H-14 filter replacement set has the same filtering effect as used in ICU in a hospital. 

It’s recommended to replace the filters annually or over every once a year or every 19.000 km to obtain the clean and odour-free air inside the cabin for the health of you and your families.

Technical specifications: 

  • Air Filtration up to PM2.5 95% and PM0.3 99.97%
  • 3M ICU Filter Media
  • Replacement for Tesla Part # 1107681-00-A

A set of two replacement element plus Torx-20 offset driver is included in the package.

Installation is the reverse of removal of old filters, please check the installation manual and videos HERE.