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EV charging cable, Type 2 (station) to Type 2 (car),16A,3 phase,10 m, Fisher

Compatibility to the built year of vehicle: all years.

(This product will have a delivery time from 6 to 8 weeks)

Brand: Fisher
Rated Current: 16A
Operating Voltage: 250V
Mechanical life: No-load plug in/pull out>10000times
Coupled insertion force: >45N<80N
Impact of external force: can afford 1 m drop and 2t vehicle run over pressure
Insulation resistance: >1000MQ(DC500V)
Terminal temperature rise: <50K
Withstand voltage: 2000V
Contact Resistance: 0.5mQ Max
Contact bush: Copper alloy, silver plating
Pin: Copper alloy, silver + thermoplastic on the top
Operating temperature: -30°C~+50°C
Cable length: 10 meters
Cable specification: 16A 5*2.5 mm2+2*0.5 mm2
Cable colour: black
Charging standard: IEC62196-2 J1772
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS