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Tesla All models: 128 GB Sandisk USB Stick (Formatted for DIRECT Use)

Compatibility to built year of vehicle: all years.

Watch Dashcam video directly from your iPhone/iPad. Plus additional storage capacity for your iPhone/iPad.

If you purchase a USB flash drive elsewhere and you want to use it as a Dashcam storage disk for your Tesla, you need to download a special software to format it in FAT 32. Not handy.

So we offer you this USB stick, already formatted to FAT 32, which can be used directly on your Tesla.
The USB stick is original Sandisk IXpand Mini 128 GB Type-A / Lightning 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1). The market price for the USB stick alone is already around 65 Euros.

Designed as the perfect companion for your iPhone, the iXpand flash drive offers an easy way to free up space on your iPhone, always backs up your camera automatically and even allows you to watch videos in popular formats directly from the drive.

The iXpand flash drive also includes encryption software that allows you to password-protect your files. You can have both shared and confidential files simultaneously stored on your devices.

Feel free to take as many photos and videos as you want. The iXpand flash drive offers a quick and easy way to free up space on your iPhone so that you are always ready to capture new memories.