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Model X: Decoration / Modification Accessories

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Model 3/S/X/Y: High-luminance LED Interior Lamp (single pack)
€12,95 €14,95
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Model 3/S/X/Y: Welcome Door Projector LED Lamp Set (2 pieces)
€22,95 €42,50
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Model 3/S/X/Y: Side Fender Vent Camera Trim (2 pieces)
€19,95 €24,96
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Model X/S: Performance Pedal Set (Stainless Steel)
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Model X/S: Middle Console Wrap (Carbon Look)
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Model X/S: Foot Rest Pedal (Stainless Steel)
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Model X: Anti-Kicking Door Protector (2 pieces)
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Model X: Multi-layers Door Handle Stickers (Carbon Look)
€29,00 €32,50
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Model S/X: ABS Rearview Mirror Covers (2 pieces, Carbon-look)
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Gloss carbon
Matt carbon
Red carbon
Forged carbon
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All Tesla Models: Side Fender Vent Camera Trim (Genuine Carbon Fiber Collection)