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Model 3&Y: USB Extension Hub

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Compatibility to built year of vehicle:July 2020 to present 

Perfect Accessories for Tesla Model 3&Y: Dashcam Viewer (software 2020.12.5 or newer) can display saved dashcam clips or sentry mode events directly from the Tesla touchscreen.
5 IN 1 Ports USB Hub: 5 Ports, 3 front USB-A for game controllers, wireless chargers, music, etc, 1 Type-C connector and 1 USB-A connector inside the secret compartment for data Transfer.
High Security: Store SSD disk or USB sticks flash drive securely in compartment , protect dashcam and sentry mode data safe.
Easy to Install: Anyone can install in minutes. Perfect intergration with the Tesla console,make it clean and tidy, no additional USB splitters, hubs, USB-A to USB-C converters needed.