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Universal: Professional 1200 GSM Super Thick Twisted Loop Car Detailing / Drying Towel


Premium quality, super absorbent 1200 GSM Twisted Loop Car Detailing / drying towel cuts down your drying time and keeps the surfaces of your car streak-free. Simply lay on the vehicle and gently pull across the wet surface.
Note: GSM means grams per square meter which means weight of piece of fabric per square meter. 1200 GSM is normally the highest density standard for car detailing / drying towels.

Unique features:
- Safe For All Surfaces: 70% Polyester And 30% Polyamide blend ensures this microfiber towel is Safe for all bike and car surfaces.
- One Towel To Dry Them All: With a thickness of 1200 GSM, you only need to use a single car cleaning cloth to dry the entire vehicle without wringing it out.
- Faster Drying Time: Twist loop towels are the most recent engineering achievement in microfiber technology, allowing these ultra-absorbent towels to give your surface a super-dry finish in a single wipe, reducing your drying time.
- Soft Border: This Twisted Loop Microfiber Cloth has a soft fabric border around the edges to prevent scratches and damage to the car’s paint or critical parts.
- Extremely Durable: Built with 100 per cent AA-Grade split microfiber material, our Microfiber Cloth is highly durable, capable of enduring hundreds of washes with proper care while becoming softer with each wash.
- Machine Washable: This microfiber cloth, unlike other ordinary microfiber towels, has been constructed to the highest of standards, allowing it to withstand hundreds of hand or machine washed.

How to take care of your drying cloth:
- Wash the microfiber car drying towel before initial use is highly recommended to avoid color fading or fluffing, as the towels may accidentally absorb some fluff when producing. But no need to worry about such problem after that.
- Machine washable
- Tumble dry low or air dry only
- No fabric softener
- Do not iron
- No bleach