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Universal: Door Edge Guards/ Door Protectors (4 pcs)

Car door edge guards are meant to prevent or reduce the number of door dents and scratches. This works to keep your vehicle free from damage. Since they are attached to the rim of the door, they act as a buffer to soften the impact the door has when it contacts other objects.
Prevent harming nearby cars. Opening your door can sometimes be impossible to do without resting it on the vehicle next to you. A strong gust of wind might blow it into the other vehicle. With an attached door guard, the chances it will leave a mark, chip, or paint scuff are reduced.
Improve resale value. Part of owning a car means you have to take care of it properly. One day, you may want to sell it, and any sign of wear or tear can reduce its value. Damage to the doors can also cause rust to form, and fixing that can be costly. Installing door guards ensures your vehicle won’t develop any dents or rust, saving you money and increasing the car’s resale value.