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April 04, 2020 2 min read

As the nature of our products and industry, we have good relationship with our suppliers in China. When COVID-19 was outbreaking in China around Feb. 2020, we heard heart-breaking stories about how hard the medical care people were working and how short of the personal protection equipment there were. To avoid the incompetent Chinese Red-Cross, we directly donated 20.000 FFP2 masks from the Netherlands, to the hospital in Wuhan front lines.

Torque Alliance Mask Donation

Luckily the situation now in China is more or less stabilized; unluckily, our European countries are suffering from the same nightmare just one month later, the same heart-breaking stories are happening across the continent.

Through our network we purchased 40.000 medical masks from a highly qualified manufacturer located in Suzhou, China this time, and we are planning to donate half of this batch to hospitals, GP’s, even individuals in the Netherlands.

Torque Alliance Mask DonationTorque Alliance Mask Donation

Unfortunately we are not able to donate all of the masks as we are having a big impact on our cashflow, caused by a combination of donation and reduction of orders.

As a starter business, we are doing our best to help, but we also need to survive.

So we are selling the rest of the masks in our webshop, with still a lower price comparing to local retailers, the goal is to compensate our donation and stabilize our cashflow. So, if you need also personal protection masks, you are welcome to our webshop, our products are meeting the EU medical use standards, you can find all the data and certificate in the product page. 

We are together, in a war against COVID-19, we will defeat this terrible enemy eventually, let’s protect ourselves, a beautiful summer is waiting.

We wish you and your beloved ones stay safe and healthy, best regards,

Torque Alliance Team

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